Indigenous Craft Threatened by Fake China Products

by Quatro Aroma

"Cordillera Weavers Seek Protection Against Counterfeit Indigenous Fabric"

Sofia Ong ( | Jan 29, 2021

To mark the beginning of 2021, machine-made replicas from China were starting to be sold around the city but it’s quality is no match against the genuine hand woven fabric that the weavers of Cordillera dedicate much of their time and effort into.

So, the Cordillera weavers have started to clamor for help from the government to cease the entry of these counterfeit products as they would result in "irreversible damage that is greater than the devastation wrought by the pandemic on the weaving industry" as said by Virginia Doligas to the city council. Read more

"Solon calls for protection of IP weaves, cultural heritage"

Philippine News Agency | Feb 7, 2021

“The traditional cultural heritage of our indigenous peoples and communities must be given the protection it deserves. Aside from the vulnerability of these rural livelihoods, we must also look into the protection of their traditional intellectual property. This is not just market competition. The imports are undercutting our artisans and weavers to the detriment of sustaining their culture and creative productivity,” Legarda said over the weekend. Read more